Sell My iPhone

The team to trust when you are selling your iPhone

With the new iPhone 5 recently released, as well as so many other smart phones on the market, many Australians have made the upgrade. The only problem this leaves is the question of what to do with their old iPhone 4, 3, or other model. This is particularly an issue as most Australian mobile phone dealers, including Apple, do not offer trade-in programs.

Luckily, Sell iPhone has the perfect solution – through our iPhone trade in service you can get cash for your pre-loved gadget. Unlike the stress of selling your iPhone yourself, you won’t have to endure extended waiting time, wasted effort and the possibility of getting a price you’re not happy with.

How do I sell my iPhone 4, 4S, 3, or 3G?

At Sell iPhone, we’ve made the process of your iPhone trade in as simple as possible. All you have to do is click the link to the right of the screen, which will redirect you to our Cash A Phone affiliate. There you will receive an INSTANT quote, so that you can be happy with the price you’re selling your iPhone at before you even begin.

After you confirm, you will be given a FreePost label, or you can request a FreePost sachel be sent to you, so that you don’t even need to pay for postage. Once you have sent your old mobile to us, within 7 DAYS the cash will be yours – it’s that simple! Get started today by clicking on the “Sell iPhone Now” link on the right of the screen and trade in your iPhone 4 or any other model today.

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