The Best iPhone Apps

An iPhone without apps is like a computer without software. Here are the best 100 apps we know and love. If you have an iPhone, you should get to know them, too.

Need new iPhone apps? Or maybe you have too many and need to find replacements that are more multi-purpose than the single-purpose app, that is currently cluttering your phone. In this review, we round up the best 100 iPhone apps we’ve seen.

Before you start downloading apps willy-nilly, make sure you’ve updated your operating system to the latest version (iOS 6.0 at the time ). There are features in Apple’s own mobile operating system, since version 5, that are as good and useful as any app on this list. For example, iMessage now bypasses SMS texting charges by using Wi-Fi when it’s available for iOS-to-iOS messages. That helps you save money. Other Apple apps, like Find My iPhone, require iOS 5 to work.