Sell iPhone is a division of CashAphone have been in the business of surplus and used telecommunication equipment for over a decade. Sell iPhone is focused Buy-Back of Apple products.

We are a highly respected global distributor of refurbished technology and pride ourselves on the reputation we have established worldwide. We refurbish phones, laptops and electronic portable devices from around the world with skill and precision.

Our objective is to reduce the world’s unused and disregarded technology by refurbishing and redistributing the technology into markets where the demand for this technology is high, such as in developing nations.

As many students in developing countries have access to standard mobilephones and computers, we have found that their desire to learn Mac OS , has been limited by the expense of apple devises.Refurbished apple products, has brought the cost, to a level, that will ensure they are able to keep up with technology.

We are proudly committed to our vision and do our up most to reduce the wasteful disposal of technology throughout the world.